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The APSCE Student Wing is meant for engage and empower student volunteers in organizing student activities and building a student network both within and beyond International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE), and providing assistance to APSCE Executive Committee (EC) operations. This may also become a platform for APSCE and ICCEs to nurture future leaders.


  • The logo is made up of five abstract people, symbolizing students and student wing members.
  • The five colors of the logo (blue, red, green, yellow and black) are the same as the colors of the APSCE logo.
  • The overall shape of the logo is also a flower and has a dynamic rotating visual effect, it represents the vitality of the students and the spirit of progress.
Designed by: Mengyuan CHEN, APSCE Student Wing member (2018)

APSCE Student Wing Committee 2019

Designation Name Institution Supervisor
Chair Alwyn Vwen Yen LEE
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Seng Chee TAN
Co-Chair Mengyuan CHEN The Chinese University of Hong Kong Morris S. Y. JONG
Co-Chair Kennedy LIN National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Fu-Yun YU
Co-Chair Ocheja Patrick ILEANWA
Kyoto University, Japan Hiroaki OGATA
Co-Chair Emily TABANAO University of Ateneo Manila, Philippines Ma. Mercedes T. RODRIGO
Co-Chair Geela Venise FABIC University of Canterbury, New Zealand Antonija (Tanja) MITROVIC

Lead Mentor: Hiroaki OGATA

Mentors: Weiqin CHEN, Tatsunori MATSUI, Ma. Mercedes T. RODRIGO, Masanori SUGIMOTO


APSCE Student Wing Workshops @ ICCE 2018

(27 November 2018, 1:30pm-6pm; for student participants of ICCE'18 only)

  • APSCE Student Wing Workshop: Academic Survival Tips (mentors: Antonija (Tanja) MITROVIC & Fu-Yun YU)
  • APSCE Student Wing Workshop: Academic Writing (speaker: Sherry Y. CHEN)

(Socializing dinner for Student Wing members and workshop attendees afterward)

Guidelines and Member Nomination Form


(2018 version)